Absolute RSS Editor Help

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Quick Start

Absolute RSS Editor is an easy-to-use RSS 2.0 feed creator and publisher. You can use it to edit and maintain feeds and podcasts without any knowledge of XML and RSS technologies.

You can start creating a feed by using buttons on the startup screen:

You can use the buttons on the main toolbar as well as commands from the Feed menu.

The startup screen also includes list of the recently edited feeds. A sample feed is shown if you haven't opened any feed yet. You can reopen a feed by clicking its name in the list.

Each feed can contain several feed items. Feed name and items are shown in the contents tree:

You can edit feed properties by clicking the feed name that is shown at the top ("Software for Webmasters" in the sample above). You can also select items to edit them.

The toolbar shown above the tree allows you to create a new item (), clone (), delete (), move up () or move down () the selected item.

When you edit feed or feed item properties, you can view help for the active field in the Information tab that can be shown or hidden using button or the View | Information command from the main menu.

You can also validate feed by clicking button. Feed is also validated automatically when you switch to another item/feed. Errors and warnings are shown in the Error List tab that can be shown or hidden using button or the View | Error List command from the main menu. You can click a line in the list to highlight a field that caused the issue.